Emotional Support Animals for Seniors


It’s no secret that animals, especially dogs, can be great support systems and guides for human handlers with disability, from blindness to epilepsy and so much more. Sometimes, though, people overlook the usefulness of pets for emotional support and animal-assisted therapy sessions. At Winchester Terrace, we are so grateful to the community members that step up and allow this to be beneficial to the residents of our Mansfield nursing center.

Recently, our friend John Todd has been gracious enough to bring his dogs to Winchester Terrace regularly and offer therapeutic puppy time for our residents. Of course, our attentive staff is always on call to meet their medical, physical, and emotional needs. However, for those who have left full households, beloved grandchildren, or trusted pets to live and be cared for at our facility, there can sometimes be a void that is hard to fill by our staff alone. Animals offer a different kind of companionship that promotes healing and emotional support.

It’s amazing the many roles that our pets can fill. From lap dog to mischievous friend to trained service or emotional support animal, they’re always here for us! Animal-assisted therapy continues to be studied and developed by experts, but it has been known to improve health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and mental health disorders. If your loved one is suffering from such a condition or can simply get lonely living on their own, consider scheduling a tour with us at Winchester Terrace. Aside from our professional healthcare staff, he or she will also receive comforting attention from those who give it generously: our furry friends.

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