Choosing the Right Fit for Your Loved One

2 senior ladies relaxing in rec room

Your elders take care of you throughout your life, so when it comes time to help them choose their living arrangements in their senior years, it’s understandable to feel pressure to make the right decision. You want the best for them! At Winchester Terrace, we understand your worries and want to help guide you.

Since 1963, our facility and the Levering family have been caring for Mansfield area seniors and empathizing with their loved ones. We understand that as your parent’s age, they might develop special care needs that you may not have the resources to manage alone. And that’s okay! We’re a 100-bed skilled nursing facility that puts top priority on hiring the best health care workers, administrative staff, and aides to ensure that your loved one’s needs are not just met, but exceeded. We also offer short-term care, so that caregivers get that extra help they need.

Maybe your elder loved one just had a fall or major surgery, and you can’t be home with them as much as you’d like to in order to help them recover. Winchester Terrace provides therapy on an individual basis because we know that no two residents will have the same health journey. From pain management to strength building and even family training, our goal is to give rehabilitation seekers the tools they need to succeed even if they choose to return to their everyday lives after treatment. You may be interested in our Healthy Heart Program, which in a similar way provides education and daily living recommendations to those recovering from a cardiac event. Read more about Healthy Heart here: https://marionmanornursing.com/healthy-heart-program/.

If you’d like to consult with our team regarding these decisions, we’ll be happy to chat with you. Please call our office at 419-756-4747, and we can schedule a tour of our facility as well to see everyday life at Winchester Terrace in action.

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