Spring Highlights: Winchester Terrace

easter fun

This April has been filled with sweet treats and bunny-themed activities, along with other exciting events planned by our Activities Coordinator at Winchester Terrace. We’ve had a blast, and we’re “hopping” this month was fun-filled for you, too! Here’s a quick recap of our residents’ favorite memories:

At Winchester Terrace, we incorporate crafting opportunities such as illustration and paper activities regularly each month to promote health and wellness amongst our senior community. This implementation has improved our residents’ motor skills, sense of creativity and independence, and even social skills as they complete fun crafts alongside other seniors. This activity is always a favorite, but April was extra fun, as we celebrated Easter by incorporating fun pastels, and bunny and egg shapes into the regular mix of sketches and outlines.

The holiday spirit came to life on Easter Sunday, when our residents were visited by the Easter bunny, as pictured below. This surprise gave us so many smiles and laughs as we spent the day with him and others in the facility. What a special day!

Another exciting day for all of us in the community was April 22nd, better known as Earth Day. For those who are not familiar, Earth Day is dedicated to our special planet. We enjoyed having some important conversations about what we can do to take care of the Earth and those who live on it. For example, picking up litter and recycling are two small activities that make a world of a difference. We’ll continue to spread awareness about proper care for years to come.

These events highlight the fun we’ve had this month; we can’t wait to plan even more ways to spend time together at Winchester Terrace. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our seniors not only have the right tools and skilled care at their disposal, but also the best entertainment and social opportunities. If you’re interested in what we have to offer, or if you’d like to see what we’ll be up to next month, be sure to visit our website!

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