Explore Our Activity Programs, Full Of Fun For Our Senior Residents

At Winchester Terrace, we align a vibrant lifestyle and enjoyable pastimes with the unique needs and interests of our residents. Our comprehensive suite of senior activity programs showcases the strength of our dedicated Activities Coordinator and staff who work tirelessly to craft innovative, creative, and engaging schedules. senior people hacing fun outside enjoying our senior activity programs

Throughout the week, evenings, weekends, and even holidays, our staff is on hand to provide a variety of social activities for seniors that are designed to stimulate, inspire, and entertain. Each activity is tailor-made to the functional levels of our participating residents, ensuring no one is left out and everyone has a chance to join in, engage, and enjoy.

Our senior activity programs step beyond the boundaries of Winchester Terrace with public outings that allow our residents to connect with the broader community, stimulating an invaluable sense of independence. From visiting local museums and galleries to attending nearby performances or enjoying picnics in local parks, our outings offer an encouraging and exciting change of setting that fosters engagement and spirited interaction.

But we don’t stop there. Variety is the spice of life, and ours is no different. Our social activities for seniors also cover a diverse spectrum of in-house gatherings. Be it weekly music therapy sessions that soothe the soul, gardening clubs that foster nurturing connections with nature, creative crafting projects that stimulate the mind, or leisurely games that inspire friendly competition – we incorporate it all to accommodate our residents’ manifold interests.

At Winchester Terrace, our purpose is to ensure that the needs of all participants are met with thoughtfully planned and meaningful daily activities. Our philosophy marries compassionate caregiving with joyful living, crafting a veritable social hub that fosters camaraderie, warmth, and a zest for life in every resident’s day.


Beauty & Barber Shop

Our Salon provides beauty and barber services at the facility. A complete line of services is available.

Religious Services

The area churches provide religious programs. Many denominations hold religious services regularly at the facility. If a resident has a particular need or desires counseling, please make arrangements with the Social Services Department.

Activity Calendar