4 Key Factors of Healthy Aging Month

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We bet you didn’t know September is Healthy Aging Month! This observance is not just about seniors staying fit but also about looking at aging positively. Some of your most significant achievements will happen later in life! Your friends at Winchester Terrace want to share a few critical factors of Healthy Aging Month.

1. It’s All About Being Proactive

Don’t wait until health problems occur to start worrying about your wellness. Being proactive about your health can significantly enhance your quality of life in your senior years if you’re proactive about your health from a younger age! Stay away from smoking, eat well, and enjoy the outdoors often.

2. Try Something New–It’s Never Too Late!

Many people are discouraged from trying new things, such as education, hobbies, or career paths, simply from fear of it being “too late in life.” The reality is, you’re going to age anyway. Why not spend your life trying new things that make you happy? Learning a new language in your 50s is better than getting to your senior years and regretting not doing it at all.

3. Maintain Positivity in Life

Don’t let society tell you that aging should prevent you from having fun. A positive mindset is life-changing! Know your limits and maintain a healthy balance in your life, but a little indulgence is good for the soul too. It’s true that we only get one life.

4. Find Your Community and Connect with Others

This is where we come in! At Winchester Terrace, residents find a community of like-minded people who want to live their senior years to the fullest. Here, it’s easy to connect with others and make new friendships. To learn more about our senior living facility in Mansfield, OH, and how we promote healthy aging, call (419) 756-4747.