5 Myths About Aging and Exercise

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Exercise can make a huge difference in your life and overall health, regardless of age. Here are a few myths about aging and exercise that may surprise you.

1. Too Old

You are never too old to benefit from exercise. Staying still and avoiding motion is much riskier and can speed up aging. Remaining inactive can lead to a higher risk of heart disease.

2. Too Expensive

Hiring a trainer or signing up for classes at your local fitness club can be costly. However, you don’t need those things to remain active. Simply going for a walk can lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and other illnesses.

3. Too Dangerous

Those advancing in their years may have more trouble exercising than younger people, but staying active does not necessarily mean you will experience an injury. Speak to your doctor about what kind of activities will benefit you.

4. Too Lonely

Don’t be afraid to exercise alone! If you fear for your safety or health, there are ways to find exercise buddies or professional nursing assistants for those who need them.

5. Too Weak

Whether you feel physically weak or suffer from a weak heart or other health problems, there is still a program that will benefit you. You are never too weak.

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