Common Questions About Physical Therapy and Strength Training: Winchester Terrace

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Even after consultation, those with loved ones in our care may have many lingering questions about our therapy programs. That’s perfectly okay! Here, we address concerns you may have about our physical therapy:

Why do we offer strength training and physical therapy for our seniors?

Because we want to do our best to restore our residents’ health and help them gain independence, if we didn’t offer these modes of rehabilitation, we believe that we would not be fully serving our seniors the best we could.

Is strength training appropriate at an old age?

When we think of strength training, most picture a weight lifter or someone who carries a hefty load; however, this type of recovery is for everyone. We don’t have to lift over 50 pounds to build strength. As long as training sessions are supervised by health professionals and are built into an extensive rehabilitation program, the elderly are capable of building muscle and bone support. The trick is to increase the difficulty of exercises as time goes on gradually.

What exercises can you expect us to implement?

Exercises and therapy programs depend on the individual’s specific needs and capabilities. We may undergo physical therapy for those with joint issues, heart complications, or even prosthetic replacements. Activities vary, but all plans improve strength, balance, mobility, flexibility, and coordination. Sometimes, it’s as simple as moving the arms and legs up and down for a specific period each day. Other times, we may use special equipment or create routines requiring the use of the entire body.

We hope this helpful article answers your questions! If your loved one needs rehabilitation services, we’re here to help. Please visit our website if you’d like to learn more about the resources we have available at our facilities. Thanks for reading!