Convenience, Caring, and Community

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If we had to sum up Winchester Terrace in just a few words, we’d choose convenience, caring, and community. Our skilled nursing facility has been under the management of the Levering family since 1956, and we are proud to have become a genuine member of the Mansfield community. Serving the senior members of Richland County and surrounding areas is our passion!

Our facility itself is extremely convenient. Since Mansfield is located about halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio’s two most major cities, Winchester Terrace is an excellent access point for those looking to “meet in the middle” or for those with family in both cities. Near I-71, we’ve also got great resources available to meet the needs of our residents.

Caring is another word that truly defines us. You may know that the motto of Levering management is “Experience the heart of caring,” and that could not be more of a priority for us. We’re very selective about our nursing and administrative staff because we believe your loved ones deserve the best care available! Aside from their medical needs, we plan daily activities designed to be accessible yet interactive, which helps fulfill their social and emotional needs. (Our favorite activity, the monthly birthday party, is coming up at the end of the month!)

As you can tell from our featured photo, Winchester Terrace cares about our community, too. This month we had the opportunity to volunteer at the Kingwood Center 5K, passing out water to participants as they ran past. One of our very own administrators also ran it! We also love growing our network of senior companions who make every day that much more meaningful. We love the Mansfield community, and we’re blessed to have so many people here who love us too!

Want to learn more about Winchester Terrace and our facility, management, resident life, or community involvement? We encourage you to get in touch with us! Call 419-756-4747 to schedule a tour soon.