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Confident physical therapist assists senior woman at our skilled nursing facility

Skilled Nursing Facility vs Nursing Home: Understanding the Differences

If you’re looking for the best care option for your elderly loved ones, there are different options to consider. Knowing the distinctions between nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities is crucial to make an informed decision. Skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes are two common types of senior care facilities that offer different types of […]
senior man in physical therapy lifting weights

Common Questions About Physical Therapy and Strength Training: Winchester Terrace

Even after consultation, those with loved ones in our care may have many lingering questions about our therapy programs. That’s perfectly okay! Here, we address concerns you may have about our physical therapy: Why do we offer strength training and physical therapy for our seniors? Because we want to do our best to restore our […]
quality nurisng care mansfield ohio

What Does Quality Nursing Care Look Like?

Finding the right nursing home can be extremely challenging when it comes time to make decisions for your loved one. Winchester Terrace is here for you during this challenging time. With experience serving Mansfield since 1963, there’s no doubt our skilled nursing facility is equipped to care for your family member. Here, we have created […]
therapy dog

Puppy Love & Therapy

At Winchester Terrace, we all absolutely love having visitors! Some of our favorite visitors aren’t what you’d expect them to be either. Having a visit from pets provides extra emotional support that can be incredibly helpful! We are always so blessed when John Todd regularly visits us with his dog to offer pet therapy to […]
senior hands holding cane while a nurse's hand rests on top

Restorative Care at Winchester Terrace

Our restorative aides at Winchester Terrace are dedicated to providing our residents with functional, accessible solutions for everyday activities. This includes several therapy programs and mobility strategies. Keep reading to learn more about how we assist those in need of restorative or rehabilitative services: Speech therapy is one of the many therapy services we offer, […]
easter fun

Spring Highlights: Winchester Terrace

This April has been filled with sweet treats, bunny-themed activities, and other exciting events planned by our Activities Coordinator at Winchester Terrace. We’ve had a blast, and we’re “hopping” this month was fun-filled for you, too! Here’s a quick recap of our residents’ favorite memories: At Winchester Terrace, we incorporate crafting opportunities such as illustration […]