Restorative Care at Winchester Terrace

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Our restorative aides at Winchester Terrace are dedicated to providing our residents with functional, accessible solutions for everyday activities. This includes several therapy programs and mobility strategies. Keep reading to learn more about how we assist those in need of restorative or rehabilitative services:

Speech therapy is one of the many therapy services we offer, and it’s crucial for proper functioning. Those with the most severe speech issues find it hard to swallow food or speak, so some significant changes may be necessary depending on the individual. Our aides can comply with diet modifications and assist with communication devices that make living with speech limitations easier for our residents.

However, some individuals live with more than just speech limitations. Many of our seniors struggle with basic daily living tasks and require guidance for proper care. Our ALD self-care training aims to place the control back in the hands of the resident by implementing consistent education on tasks like getting dressed or getting out of a chair.

For those who still find it difficult to do these things on their own, however, our staff can encourage residents to practice bed mobility exercises, which consist of small movements such as side-lying and scooting to one side of the bed: we believe even the smallest improvements can spark big progress!

Having a support system that believes restoration is possible is very important for the recovery process, and Winchester Terrace is here to help. Our staff can help your loved one get the help they need. Please visit our website if you’d like to learn more about the resources we have available at our facilities. Thanks for reading!