Sending Christmas Cards

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It's rare nowadays to send out any postal mail. Sure, you always receive mail but think back to when you even considered sending out a letter or card to someone. Let us change that this year! The holiday season is in full swing, and sending a Holiday card could brighten someone's day.

Sending a holiday card is a great way to make it known that you are thinking about someone special during this time of year. You have a few choices regarding the type of cards you send. The age-old debate is Print vs. Electronic. Electronic e-cards are the faster and easier option, but they can seem less personal. In comparison, a print card has a much better impact on the recipient. This is especially true for those in nursing homes or assisted living centers. Personal messages can amplify the effect as well.

You should personalize the card for every individual receiving them. You want the cards to feel special, unlike a stock message with your name on it. Whether you DIY and create a masterpiece from scratch or get professional family photos, the result should end the same: giving the person who receives your card a memory they can cherish forever.

If you are interested in sending a holiday card to a resident at Winchester Terrace, don't hesitate to contact us at (419) 756-4747 so we can walk you through how to do it correctly!