The Power of Music & Pet Therapies for Seniors 

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We’re so glad that spring is finally upon us at Winchester Terrace! As the sun shines outside and the weather grows warmer, the smiles on our faces shine a little bit brighter! Speaking of smiles, nothing makes for good memories like some good tunes and our furry friends! If you have looked at our activities calendar, you may have noticed these two topics are integrated into our events at the Terrace quite often. So, why do we believe in pet and music therapy? Here’s why:

Music therapy aims to improve emotional intelligence, memory, and movement and has been proven effective, according to the American Music Therapy Association. In the 1950s, The AMTA designed the concept to help nursing residents with these three areas. Since integrating music into our schedule frequently, we’ve noticed its calming effect on our residents. Music therapy helps us at the Winchester Terrace Nursing Center provide the best care to meet the individual needs of our seniors.

In addition to offering music therapy, we also jump on every opportunity to welcome furry friends into our facility. They are our bundles of joy in our little community and carry many benefits for improved health and better living. Animal support is the best support! Animal-assisted therapy improves motor skills, movement, verbal communication, and social skills. Dogs and cats also reduce stress, which helps our residents better cope with health problems like heart disease, cancer, and mental health disorders.

At Winchester Terrace, we schedule activities around what best assists our residents in having a good time and staying happy and healthy! While we love having fun, we also value our seniors’ mental, physical, and emotional health at our senior living apartments. If you’d like to learn more about additional programs and features, please check out our website, and check back in April to see what we’re up to!