winchester terrace, a locally owned and operated nursing facility, is currently accepting applications for:

Positions Currently Available:

Assistant Director of Nursing

GENERAL JOB SUMMARY – The Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) reports to the Director of Nursing and is responsible

for accurate and timely completion of MDS assessments, admissions, plan of care, family care conferences, and social
services documentation. Provides Medicare, Medicaid (case-mix), and managed care oversight to ensure appropriate
clinical services are provided and appropriate reimbursement is received for each resident. This includes ensuring that
the facility is in compliance with federal and state regulations as well as Winchester Terrace’s guidelines and policies and
procedures. Typical working hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday unless otherwise directed by
Supervisor or Administrator.

Performs a variety of duties in the nursing facility such as:
 Help train, teach, and monitor activity of nursing staff
 Manage clinical operations and develops care plans
 Prepare the daily schedule and planning of shifts
 Ensure nursing staff to follow departmental procedures and policies
 Conduct patient rounds with nurses and addresses complaints
 Evaluate the performance of the department and recommends improvements
 Schedule meetings for patient updates, issues, and recommendations with nursing staff
 Keep patient records updated, accurate, and confidential
 Interview potential residents and residents’ representatives to collect accurate initial date on admissions
 Communicate admission inquiry data in written and verbal form to the nursing department and administration
in a timely manner
 Screen applicants for admission for proper placement in the facility
 Assign appropriate room numbers to residents in consultation with the Director of Nursing (DON)
 Greet and escorts the new residents to the assigned room
 Responsibility for the Administrative portion of all Resident Admission files
 Responsibility for the Resident Pre-Admission and Managed Care certification process
 Will be the primary contact for Winchester Terrace with all referral resources, including by telephone, texting,
and electronic on-line sources
 Complete a daily census and report via email. This report will include:
o Admissions
o Discharges, including patients that have passed, transfers to Hospitals and discharges home
o Patient Bedroom Changes
o Patient Account Pay-type changes
 Complete PASSAR records for in-patient stays of less than thirty (30) days and also for Residents that have been
admitted to Winchester Terrace directly from the community and not from a hospital.
 Complete Level of Care (LOC) records as required within four (4) business days, notifying Administrator and
Business Office Manager
 Complete Patient Insurance information files upon request
 Complete Discharge Plan details in cooperation with the Nursing Department
 Schedule and participate in Family Plan of Care Conferences. Notify Winchester Terrace Interdisciplinary Team
of the schedule.

 Complete the Social Service sections of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) file.
 Coordinate assistance for Residents with Community Resources. Provide Winchester Terrace resources and
business relationship with the County Job and Family Service Agency.
 Provide secondary support for the following tasks:
o Transportation scheduling supporting the Nursing Staff
o Participate and plan Facility Marketing Activities
o Participate in social media related resources
 MDS scheduling and completion per RAI guidelines including coordinating care plan development and
completion with the interdisciplinary team
 Develop an individualized, comprehensive resident care plan with the interdisciplinary team to ensure care area
triggers are addressed
 Ensure care plans are reviewed quarterly and updated as needed to reflect current resident status with
individualized problems, goals, and interventions
 Coordinate with other disciplines to ensure timeliness of assigned sections of MDS completion and report
noncompliance to Director of Nursing
 Signature of MDS sections V0200B comprehensive CAA completion and Z0500A MDS completion
 Oversee clinical reimbursement and case management services within the facility for Medicare A and B,
managed care, insurance, and Medicaid (case-mix)
 Direct and oversee the implementation of companies’ programs, policies, and procedures related to the RAI
the process to ensure appropriate care is rendered and appropriate reimbursement is obtained
 Provide education to other health care providers, the facility’s care team, and the resident/family on Medicare,
Medicaid (case-mix), managed care, and MDS completion
 Oversee and monitor MDS documentation and charting requirements that support services provided to meet
billing requirements including state-specific requirements for supportive documentation
 Provide oversight of the Medicare and managed care residents, coordinate rehabilitation and optimal recovery,
and assist with discharge planning
 Oversee the validation of Medicare entitlement and eligibility for prospective residents
 Complete chart audits to assess the quality of the documentation to support skilled Medicare, managed care,
and Medicaid coverage
 Oversee the completion of certifications/recertifications
 Ensure Medicare part A and B services are appropriately billed and meet Medicare documentation guidelines
 Oversee the resource utilization of services covered under consolidated billing as well as ancillary costs
 Direct the completion of requests for additional information claims requests and appeal for denied Medicare,
managed care, and Medicaid claims
 Possess knowledge of facility managed care contract coverage guidelines, outliers, and contracts to ensure care
is provided and billed appropriately
 Act as a liaison with the managed care plan provider to communicate resident needs while representing the
interests of the facility and resident
 Ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, as well as the Companies’ policies and procedures
 Participate in facility utilization review (UR) with the director of therapy and facility key personnel
 Participate in facility meetings per policy
 Participate and contribute to weekly care conferences with family members/POA with IDT members
 Oversee MDS accuracy and pertinent narrative data to support MDS assessment
 Conduct job responsibilities in accordance with the standards set in the code of conduct, policies and
procedures, applicable federal and state laws, and applicable professional standards

 Good critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills
 Good planning and problem-solving skills
 Knowledge of computers and healthcare software
 Cooperation with coworkers

 Complete any online trainings provided by the facility
 Willing to perform tasks on a continuous basis
 Initiative to maintaining nursing qualities
 Ability to maintain good working relationships with personnel
 Ability to work independently
 Follow Resident’s Rights policies at all times
 Observe all facility policies and procedures
 Accept assigned duties in a cooperative manner
 Perform all duties assigned in an effective, timely, and professional manner
 Perform other duties as assigned

Education A Bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing
 Valid RN license in the state employed
 Ability to speak and follow simple oral and written instruction and directions; labels and all material needed to
perform duties
 Should be enthusiastic about the work, adaptable, a good listener, and a team player who works well with
Work Experience
 At least 1-year experience in skilled nursing
 Experience with the MDS and/or case management preferred
Physical Demands
 Stands and walk short distances most of the working day
 Pulls, bends, lifts, carries, and pushes objects needed to perform duties
 Must be able to concentrate amidst distractions
 Must be able to assist residents to furniture provided
 Director of Nursing
Follow Dress Code
 Dress code that is provided in the company handbook


Download our Employment Application to apply in-person and submit resume to: Winchester Terrace Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 70 Winchester Road Mansfield, Ohio 44907