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senior man with 3 therapy dogs -- pet therapy mansfield ohio

Experience Pet Therapy with John Todd at Winchester Terrace

Explore the benefits of pet therapy with John Todd at Winchester Terrace. Discover how our residents' lives are enriched with the love, comfort, and emotional support extended by our furry companions.
senior hands holding cane while a nurse's hand rests on top

Memory Care at Winchester Terrace Nursing Center

Take a stroll through Winchester Terrace, where memory care meets heartwarming familiarity. Our programs offer a comforting hug of reminiscence, wellness, and creativity, guiding your loved ones gracefully into the twilight years.
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Finding a New Home at Winchester Terrace: The Best Among Nursing Homes in Mansfield

Discovering the Heart of Winchester Terrace  Imagine stepping back when life moved at a gentler pace, and the comforting aroma of mom’s apple pies filled the cozy air of the family kitchen. Today, we find ourselves making one of the most critical decisions for our dearest seniors, akin to selecting the top-quality ingredients that made […]
senior hands holding cane while a nurse's hand rests on top

Embracing World Alzheimer’s Month: Winchester Terrace’s Support for Seniors and Their Families

Navigating World Alzheimer’s Month with Winchester Terrace’s Warm Support As the golden days of September gracefully unfold, each one carrying the nostalgic scent of leaves and a hint of the bittersweet depth of the changing seasons, our hearts and minds are gently guided toward something wider than our everyday lives. It is the time when […]
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Revitalizing Senior Heart Health: A Detailed Insight into Winchester Terrace’s Innovative Healthy Heart Program

A Heartfelt Sanctuary: Winchester Terrace’s Dedication to Resident Care & Its Unique Healthy Heart Program There is a special warmth that resides at the heart of Winchester Terrace. A palpable sense of dedication, of proactive care, of a community committed to safeguarding the health and happiness of its residents. This warmth extends into every aspect […]
Confident physical therapist assists senior woman at our skilled nursing facility

Skilled Nursing Facility vs Nursing Home: Understanding the Differences

If you’re looking for the best care option for your elderly loved ones, there are different options to consider. Knowing the distinctions between nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities is crucial to make an informed decision. Skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes are two common types of senior care facilities that offer different types of […]