Comprehensive Memory Care: Offering Full-Scale Assistance

Introducing Winchester Terrace Pathways Memory Care

At Winchester Terrace, we provide a sanctuary for seniors requiring memory care. Positioned in Mansfield, Ohio, our services cater to those who need personal and medical care. Services span medication management to daily tasks such as bathing, eating, dressing, and grooming. Our highly trained team values every resident’s well-being, comfort, and dignity.

seniors in our memory care facility at mansfield ohio

Going beyond the routine assistance, Winchester Terrace is fully equipped and prepared to handle intensive medical attention for conditions like dementia. We ensure provisions for nursing care around the clock in our separate dementia unit. Constant monitoring and meticulous care ensure our residents are well looked after every step of the way.

Given the unique demands of Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia, we at Winchester Terrace are proud of our specialized senior living memory care program. As the illness progresses, the need for keen attention and assistance increases. Our program provides around-the-clock supervised care in a setting that adjusts to evolving requirements over time.

Armed with expertise and empathy, our dedicated team creates a positive environment. This environment provides peace of mind to families, ensuring their loved one’s unique needs are fulfilled, and their quality of life is optimized.

Pathways Staff Understands

We take pride in our skilled Pathways Memory Care team, which delivers significant and personalized care for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. We understand the unique challenges posed by memory impairments, and our mission is to transform our residents’ daily routines into positive experiences that foster their overall well-being.

Our memory care facility is not merely a place; it’s a senior living memory care ecosystem carefully crafted to encourage individual engagement. We’ve instilled an environment teeming with activities to bolster memory function and refine motor skills. Our commitment is manifold yet focused: We strive to construct a stimulating atmosphere that provides optimal memory care for seniors.senior hands holding cane while a nurse's hand rests on top

Our vision at Winchester Terrace aims at creating an ambient familiarity that fuels a sense of comfort among our residents. We believe in building a tailored sanctuary that minimizes triggers and reduces potential distress. To this end, our approach revolves around offering a diverse range of specialized programs meticulously synthesized to cater to every individual’s unique requirements.

We understand that finding the best memory care for seniors can be a daunting task for family members. But at Winchester Terrace, our objective is to reassure you of our exceptional care and stand in when you can’t be present, resulting in the peace of mind of your loved ones being in reliable hands.

Pathways Offers:

  • 24-Hour Licensed Nurses
  • On-site Therapists
  • Trained Dementia Staff
  • Home Cooked Meals
  • Secure Setting & Features
  • Respite Options for Caregivers

Give us a call today to learn more about this wonderful memory care program and how it may help your loved one.