Welcome to Winchester Terrace: A Leader in Comprehensive Elderly Rehabilitation

At Winchester Terrace, we excel in offering comprehensive rehabilitation for seniors through our state-of-the-art on-site rehab program.senior man physical therapy lifting weights Our team of licensed therapists in physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapy domains works synergistically with residents, physicians, and nurses. The focus is on personalized treatment plans that magnify wellness and foster independence.

Our Wide Spectrum of Specialized Therapies

Our therapy team’s collective expertise in various domains positions us as a leading senior rehabilitation facility. Our versatile services include:

Specialized Recovery Therapies

We offer targeted rehabilitative care from significant surgeries such as hip and knee replacements to stroke recovery. Our therapeutic approach ensures quick and smooth recovery by focusing on alignment, mobility, strength, and functional recovery techniques.

Pain Management

We ensure a quality life beyond chronic or acute pain with robust pain management strategies, including physical therapy, mindfulness, and breathing exercises.

Assistance with Prosthetics/Orthotics and Equipment Use

We ease the transition to prosthetics or orthotics use and instruct our residents on using specialized equipment efficiently.

Outpatient Therapies and Home Evaluations

To accommodate our residents’ preferences, we extend our expertise to outpatient therapies and conduct home evaluations post-discharge, ensuring a safe environment.

Post Cardiac Rehabilitation and Strength Building

Our comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program caters to those recuperating from cardiac events. Our strength-building exercises ensure our seniors enjoy robust health.

Family/Caregiver Training

Recognizing the importance of family members and caregivers, we incorporate them into our plan through personalized training, enhancing the consistency of care.

Detailed Reports and Home Task Training

We inform residents and their families about therapy outcomes and aid independence with home task training.

Case Management Approach to Care

A case management approach guarantees a comprehensive view of each resident’s health and progress, rapidly addressing concerns.

Choose Winchester Terrace and embark upon a journey toward high-quality, compassionate, and productive recovery. Our commitment to improving seniors’ quality of life shines through our extensive range of rehabilitation services, led by our expert therapy team.